Precision from Campion provides constantly chilled water to Medical Device Manufacturer

Campion were contracted to replace an end of life heat exchange unit, and install a fabricated modular solution, within a very short time frame. The system needed to maintain a constant temperature on the lasers used to manufacture medical devices. This was a critical success factor for this project.


Medical Solutions Company


Clonmel, Ireland


The Challenge

The manufacturing site at Clonmel needs a constant water temperature of 14 degrees on the lasers or they cut out and production halts. The existing heat exchange unit was no longer functioning efficiently, so a new solution was needed, and quickly. The team at Campion had 3 months to design, fabricate, test a new heat exchange unit with one day installation and commissioning to prevent any down time in manufacturing.

Campion surveyed the existing unit and proposed a solution that would give the customer more control to their process with built in fail safes.

To ensure that the solution was robust, Campion worked with a consultant engineer who endorsed the approach. The fabrication stage was crucial and had to be planned with extreme precision. Campion’s knowledge of the component parts together with their build experience ensured that every detail was covered.

The new system is monitored using Campion Connect, a web based monitoring system, ensuring any fluctuations are detected and alarms raised in time to rectify the situation to ensure production continues.

The Outcome

The new heat transfer system has resulted in great efficiencies in terms of energy saving, downtime and financial. The inbuilt fail safes and ability to constantly monitor the system provide the customer with peace of mind and enables them to manufacture complex medical devices with the precision required.