Safe, clean water is vital to the successful operation of any hotel. Campion ensures that our customers in the hospitality sector provide quality water to their guests. With our operation and maintenance services and 24/7 emergency response teams, you can have the peace of mind for your water services. Our Campion Connect monitoring online platform allows you to monitor the functions of your water system, issue alerts for irregularities in the system which may led to service issues, as well as service and maintenance reporting, compliance needs for water quality and chlorination.

Irrigation system on a field

Water Supply for your hotel

While the supply of clean water is vital to your business, the removal of waste water is equally as important. Regular service and maintenance of your water system will ensure the longevity of your units and reduce the risk of breakdown anywhere along your water line.

Connect with your hotel

Monitor the functionality of your hotels water system with Campion Connect

Campion Connect offers live information of your water and wastewater system, allowing for efficient pumping monitoring and preventative maintenance. And with multiple methods for wireless internet connection including SIGFOX and GPRS, we have solutions suited to urban, rural and multi- site locations.

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Hospitality Services

  • Service and maintenance
  • Campion Connect monitoring and reporting
  • Treatment Services
  • Emergency breakdown and repair
  • Booster sets
  • Water Quality & Control
  • Drainage and Sewage
  • Hire
  • Energy Savings Upgrades
  • Fire booster sets
  • Well water supply
  • Chlorine and pH Analyser
  • Water filtration units
  • UV systems
  • System upgrades and retrofit

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