Booster Sets

Image of Campions Booster Pump

Campion have an outstanding reputation for manufacturing high-quality booster sets. All booster sets are custom made in Ireland to top quality standard, with custom stainless-steel manifolds and base. Quality assurance is top priority for Campion, all our booster sets are CE certified and can be custom designed to customers specific requirements.

We offer the most energy efficient solution and as we custom make sets in-house, we can adapt pipework and valve arrangements to ensure a perfect fit at your location.

Campion design and supply a wide range of booster pump sets including circulating and pressure boosting sets for clients’ sites including;

  • Nursing homes
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Apartment complexes

Campion design, supply, install and service irrigation booster pump sets for:

  • Golf courses
  • Race tracks
  • Sports pitches

Booster Sets

Our booster sets are custom made depending on each site requirements and can include features such as variable speed controls, built in pipe burst protection, flow control units and an insulated kiosk to house the system. Each set is manufactured in Campion workshop in Tipperary and commissioned on site.

We also supply a range of EN certified Fire Booster systems. These can be electrical, engine driven or a combination of both. These sets are used in schools, industrial parks, individual factories, hotels, service stations and shipping ports.