Commercial Water Services

Campion has been growing its operation since 1988 to become one of Ireland’s leading pumping and commercial water services companies. Our Commercial clients trust our knowledge, experience, and high-quality products to meet their needs. Our dedicated engineers and project teams provide design, install and commissioning services, working alongside the customer to deliver on their requirements. Campion take a collaborative approach, working with the customer from tender stage to project sign off. Our Preventative maintenance schedules help prolong the life of your pumping equipment, Campion continue to support your water and wastewater requirements 24/7, long after project completion.

Whether you are at planning and construction stage or require a full system upgrade or retrofit, Campion can provide you with a complete commercial water service solution to suit your buildings requirements.

commercial water services and maintenance

Commercial water services for your business

Water quality and supply is essential to the successful operation of any business. Our commercial water services provide the power behind water for every commercial setting. From retail outlets, recreational facilities, datacenters to large corporate buildings, Campion are trusted to supply and maintain water and wastewater system to serve businesses across Ireland.

Connect with your business

Analyse efficiency of water usage across your business with Campion Connect

Campion Connect offers live information of your water and wastewater system, allowing for efficient pumping monitoring and preventative maintenance. And with multiple methods for wireless internet connection including SIGFOX and GPRS, we have solutions suited to urban and rural locations.

Campion Connect Software and App Mockups across different devices

Commercial Water Services

  • Service and maintenance
  • Treatment systems
  • Campion Connect
  • Energy efficient pumping solutions
  • Fire booster sets
  • Drainage and sewage pumps
  • Water Quality and control
  • UV systems
  • Pumping stations
  • Booster sets

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