Group Water Schemes

Serving over 200 Groups Water Schemes (GWS) around the country, ranging in size from the largest Group Water Scheme in Co. Clare to smaller schemes of two to three houses. Campion offer complete turnkey solutions and are working to promote the future of GWS. We value and understand the importance of your GWS to the local community and we are committed to working with you to support the longevity of such schemes across the country.

Take the hassle out of managing your GWS with our Service and Maintenance agreements, we will ensure your communities water system is fully serviced and working efficiently. Our Campion Connect system is an internet-based system for maintaining and managing your water and wastewater system.

Fully installed Campion pumping system for Group water schemes

Water supply for your community

Giving you full visibility and control at your fingertips. Campion Connect will benefit your GWS and make your everyday tasks easier by:

  • Assist in compliance requirements of Irish Water & HSE
  • Automated reminders for tasks and planning scheme maintenance works
  • Customised forms for data capturing and recording via App
  • Easily view and track reports online

Connect with your group water scheme.

Analyse volume of water usage across your GWS with Campion Connect

Campion Connect offers live information of your water and wastewater system, allowing for efficient pumping monitoring and preventative maintenance. And with multiple methods for wireless internet connection including SIGFOX and GPRS, we have solutions suited to rural and remote locations.

Campion Connect Software and App Mockups across different devices

Group Water Schemes Services

  • Pump supply and services
  • Water treatment
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Campion Connect monitoring services
  • Well water supply
  • Chlorine and pH Analyser
  • Operation and maintenance contracts
  • Wireless meter reading
  • Pumphouse supply and installation
  • Water filtration units
  • Turbidity meters

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