Campion Connect eliminates paperwork and provides live site information updates for West Limerick Group Water Scheme

West Limerick GWS is one of the largest Group Water Schemes (GWS) in the country and had several requirements in order to run their scheme effectively. Campion were able to assist with these requirements with the aid of their Campion Connect App and online system.

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West Limerick Group Water Scheme


Ballagh, Co. Limerick


The Challenge

The West Limerick GWS had a number of requirements which included:

  1. The remote monitoring of chlorine levels at various points on the scheme
  2. Monitoring water usage from customers and crossroad meters
  3. The capability to read all water meters and have the data automatically reported
  4. A system that would alert them to carry out certain tasks on an agreed schedule and record completed tasks.

West Limerick GWS contacted Campion to discuss their requirements and investigate whether they had a solution for them.

Campion suggested trialling their Campion Connect system in order to showcase its capabilities.

Campion initially installed 1 chlorine monitor and 2 water meter units and brought them all online via wireless connectivity, SIGFOX. The client was now able to view all the required information on their mobile phone or on desktop, even from remote, rural locations. Following this test run, 4 chlorine analysers and 20 water meters were then installed, with internet connection via SIGFOX and mobile data. All domestic agricultural and commercial customers were then set up on the app, as well as all daily and weekly task requirements. The GWS manager receives alerts via the App and email if a site is in alarm or needs a call out and GPS enables the location to be found very quickly via Google maps. The GWS manager records his site details via the App. After checking the water quality, pressure, and meter readings the manager could now complete his site report in the App and include photos of the site. Eliminating the need for paperwork and data input. The recorded information is then sent to the GWS Committee as a complete report via email.

The Outcome

The GWS benefitted greatly as paperwork was dramatically reduced and the time of the GWS manager was freed up. He could now plan his day more efficiently by going directly to the areas that were presenting problems or abnormal readings and there was no requirement to write reports at the end of the day. The GWS manager, after witnessing the capabilities of the App embraced the technology as he could see how it would immediately benefit him in effectively managing the GWS.