Powerscourt Hotel Saves 42% Energy With Pump Upgrade

Powerscourt Hotel, in County Wicklow, is located on 1,000 splendid acres in the middle of the beautiful Wicklow Mountains. As one of Ireland’s largest and most prestigious 5 star hotels, Powerscourt holds 200 rooms.



Powerscourt Hotel


Wicklow, Ireland


The Challenge

During a routine service of the hotel’s foul pump station, it was found that there was a fault with one of the two pumps at the location. The pump was brought to the Campion workshop for repair and on disassembly it was found a number of parts were in disrepair.

An energy analysis was carried out by our internal assessor, who is qualified in Pump System Optimisation and ISO 14414 Standard for Energy Assessment of a Pumping System. On review of the pump selection, a substantial saving potential was identified for the large hotel. There was an allowable friction loss on-site and by reducing the pump head by only 2 meters, we could install a smaller, more energy-efficient pump.

The Solution

It was proposed to the client to install market-leading Flygt Concertor pumps, which meant installing two 7.3kW variable speed pumps in place of the existing 18.5kW Pumps of another manufacturer. This reduced the combined power to 14.6kW, from an existing 37kW generated by the less energy-efficient pump.

Flygts energy efficient Concertor pumps with integrated intelligence are self-learning pumps with self-cleaning capacity, which means these smart pumps clean the station, auto reverse upon blockage, and automatically run at reduced speed as required. The result? Huge cost savings through reducing energy consumption, maintenance labour and drastically improving operational efficiency across the vast Powerscourt hotel.

To accurately measure the savings post-install, a data logger was installed to monitor the power usage of the existing pumps for 30 days enabling us to calculate actual cost savings.

The Outcome

42% Energy Saving

Factoring in the monthly energy and maintenance costs involved in cleaning pump stations, our client expects to quickly see a huge return on investment on the cost of installing upgraded pumps. While the initial capital outlay of pump upgrades may seem unnecessary, the long-term gains are too sizable to ignore.


“The level of service provided by Campion was second to none. This project has highlighted how valuable our service and maintenance agreement with Campion is in ensuring continued water supply to our hotel. We are delighted we made the decision to switch to more energy-efficient water pumping solutions and look forward to seeing the true savings over time!”

Keith Weston, Group Property Manager, MHL Hotel Collection