Pure water for pure cider – Campion ensure production continues with innovative solution and long term savings

Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is the most effective method to remove harmful bacteria from water. An upgrade was scheduled for Bulmers existing UV system to maintain their reputation of a superior quality product, 100% Irish and 100% pure.




Clonmel, Ireland


The Challenge

Bulmers existing UV system for the treatment of water for production was nearing end of life. To improve production time and cost, the system needed to be replaced. An energy efficient UV treatment system was required, which would deliver maximum UV intensity. However, to further the challenge, lead time on the UV’s best suited, was very long. A temporary solution that was fit for purpose but cost effective was required.

Campion had a UV in stock that could meet the requirements for the temporary solution that Bulmers needed. With additional fabrication, which Campion carried out within a container offsite, this temporary solution was ready within a week to replace the old system without having to shut down and wait for the new UV to arrive.

Campion Connect was integrated to the system to monitor the UV intensity and flow rates and is linked in with Bulmer’s Building Management System. Common alarm output allows for offsite monitoring.

The new UV system was originally specified by Bulmer’s for a high pressure UV but Campion proposed a change to use low pressure UV system. While the unit is bigger in terms of outlay, the cost saving over three years provides the pay back while also delivering a huge energy saving. The new UV operates at a significantly higher standard with a very high dose rate, removing harmful bacteria in the water, that will ensure a fail-safe system with increased reliability.

The Outcome

The temporary solution that Campion devised and implemented meant that there was no loss of production for Bulmers. The proposal put forward by Campion for the new UV system will provide a significant saving while delivering the maximum intensity dose of UV to ensure superior quality water is used in Bulmers production.