Rainwater Harvesting

Campion Pumps provide rainwater harvesting systems for domestic use as well as schools, offices, industrial and agricultural buildings. Our RWH systems are fully automatic and only activate when water is needed. The system will switch to mains supply if the tank runs empty


On average most Irish households will use 150 litres of water per person per day, only 50% of this is required to be sterile. The water that is left over is grey water, which is used for flushing toilets, washing machines, garden irrigation etc. Rain Water is suitable for grey water.


With Local Authorities installing water meters and raising charges, it makes no sense that we let gallons of free water that falls on our roof flow straight down the drain.







Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater is soft water

– Ideal for washing clothes and toilet flushing.

– Prevents lime scale build up

– Saves on detergent use

Trials have shown extended life for washing machine due to less corrosion on appliances

Can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%

Easy to install, simple to maintain, automatic in operation, our RWH system has been developed to provide the home owner with a ‘fit and forget’ system, providing an automatic supply of harvested rain water.