Campion Pumps supply and install specially designed water treatment systems based on your needs. Campion Pumps carry out chemical and bacterial water tests, equipment servicing, service and maintenance contracts as well as supplying all necessary salt/media etc.

Water Softeners

Campion Pumps provide a range of water softening units. These units come in various sizes depending on the number of people living in a house or volume of water used per day. The units automatically remove limescale from your water and clean themselves each night providing homes and premises with soft water. 

Iron & Manganese Removal

Campion Pumps provide a range of units for iron and manganese removal. These units come in various sizes depending on how much iron and manganese are present in your water. The filters will remove iron and manganese bringing your water into compliance with current EU water quality regulations.

pH Correction

Campion Pump supply a range of pH correction units which can correct both high and low pH problems in your water system. If you notice green buildup on copper pipes this can be a sign of pH problems. These units will correct the pH of your water bringing pH into compliance with current EU regulations.

Odour Removal

Carbon media filters are used to remove the sulphur from your water. Sulphur in your water can create a smell similar to that of ”rotten eggs”. The carbon filter will remove the sulphur therefore removing the smell.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis units are designed to remove all types of impurities and chemicals from your water supply providing you with pure filtered water at your drinking tap. These units are normally installed as under sink units and are usually used only for drinking water.

Cartridge Filters

Campion Pumps supply a range of different cartridge filters all of which are designed to remove different products from your water. Cartridge filters are used to remove things such as sand, grit and chlorine.