Accurate monitoring and control is key to the successful operation of any water supply project. Campion Pumps have the complete range and offer complete monitoring of water supply stations. We have a very strong reputation for our hands on approach in this sector and we can design control measures specific to your site. We can monitor water for levels of chemical present including chlorine, fluorine, turbidity, PH, ammonia, nitrates etc. We also monitor flow through pipes, pressure and levels in tanks. Campion Pumps then control these levels by setting alarms at specific parameters, if for example chlorine level has become extremely high, the plant can be programmed to automatically shut down. We can also programme the control unit to send out text messages to notify plant operator if any parameters are breached.

Micro 20

The Micro 20 is the very latest in handheld water testing equipment. This unit provides a very simple and cost effective way to test for various parameters in your water such as free chlorine, iron levels, nitrate, etc. The unit can be connected to your smartphone for automatic transfer of readings back to your computer.  


The iDip is the latest in handheld water testing equipment which uses the power of your smartphone. This allows users a simple graphical interface to manage your water testing. The result is a low cost portable device which can provide water quality readings for a variety of parameters including free chlorine, nitrates, iron levels etc.

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Caretaker App

The Caretaker App is designed to reduce or replace the cumbersome paperwork required by caretakers or maintenance staff carrying out routine checks on plant and equipment. The app can be programmed to ask a series of questions which must be completed by the user on site. All information is stored electronically and transmitted back to your office. Any problems detected will automatically generate an alarm which alerts the nominated person.

Water Quality Analyser

Campion Pumps provide a range of reliable quality inline analysers which constantly monitor and report levels such as chlorine, fluorine, pH, nitrate, ammonia, etc.

Flow Meters


Campion Pumps provide and stock a range of both mains powered and battery operated flow meters. These can be used in both water and sewage applications.

Turbidity Meter

Campion Pumps provide and stock a range of reliable quality turbidity meters which constantly monitor and report on turbidity levels.


Campion Pumps provide and stock a range of both ultrasonic and hydrostatic probes. These can be installed on a variety of applications such as sewage tank level measurement, reservoir level measurement, borehole level measurement or recording of levels in chemical storage tanks.