Text Box - GSM Alarm Unit


Campion Pumps provide a range of low cost GSM and GPRS alarm units. These units can send you a text or email to alert you to problems i.e. pump faults. The GPRS alarm units can connect to our Scada Cloud site logging any events which take place, giving you the ability to check the status of your pump station online.

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Remote Metering Units

Campion Pumps manufacture a battery powered GPRS unit which can be installed in remote areas to record flow rates from your meter or levels from your reservoir. This unit collects data every fifteen minutes and transfers all information to Campion Pumps Scada Cloud Management System.


Campion Pumps can provide a range of SCADA and data logging units which can be installed in your pump house or plant room. These units can connect to all types of equipment including pumps, flow meters, analysers, etc. All information is stored locally in the unit every fifteen minutes and can be transferred to your computer or to Campion Pumps Scada Cloud management system. Users can be alerted by text or email as faults are detected.


Campion Pumps can provide you with a range of PLCs which can be custom designed to suit your water or waste water treatment facility. These units can with colour touch screen displays and can be linked to secure internet sites for remote monitoring and control.