Cutting-edge wastewater system designed and installed to raise the bar for Bulmer’s flagship brewery

When a treatment plant at Bulmer’s Clonmel production site needed an upgrade to meet the demands of producing Bulmers 100% Irish cider, Campion designed a completely upgraded system to bring the plant in line with latest standards and achieve improved production.

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Clonmel, Ireland


The Challenge

In recent years, Bulmers had consolidated production and invested over €10 million into expanding the Clonmel manufacturing site. The production and wastewater system was now scheduled an upgrade to meet the increased demands and latest standards. This was an opportunity to bring the plant completely up to date and Campion were brought in to design, install and commission a new pumping system.

After carrying out a full survey and assessing the needs at the manufacturing site, Campion designed a new wastewater system using variable speed pumps and new energy efficient technology.

The proposed solution included our software package, Campion Connect. A SCADA monitoring solution which allows Bulmer’s full control over the new system. Monitoring pump performance, the ability to set alarms and ensure maintenance of system.

Download Pump Stations Brochure

The Outcome

The new pumping system has seen a significant reduction in downtime at the plant. Campion’s cutting-edge solution, using energy efficient variable speed pumps and online monitoring solution, led to energy savings and an increase in production.