Campion keeps water flowing at Coolmore Stud – the Thoroughbred Industry’s “Holy Grail”

Coolmore stud, located in Fethard, Co. Tipperary is the headquarters of one of the world’s largest thoroughbred racehorse breeding operations. Surrounded by lush green landscape in the heart of the Golden Vale, this is the perfect environment to breed and raise thoroughbred racehorses. A reliable and consistent supply of clean water is essential for the well-being of their thoroughbreds.


Coolmore Stud, Co. Tipperary


Fethard, Co. Tipperary


The Challenge

Clean water supply is essential to the successful management of a world class thoroughbred racehorse breeding operation like Coolmore. It is equally crucial that in the event of a disruption to the water supply, such as a pump failure, that it can be remedied as quickly as possible.

Campion have been an essential supplier to Coolmore for over 20 years. Completing several projects over the years, such as irrigation, well drilling, water testing, pump, and water treatment system installation.

Campion provide Coolmore with ongoing service and maintenance, ensuring continuous availability and supply of quality water. Our service and maintenance includes emergency response, a 24/7 callout service within a 2 hour time frame. There is always an engineer ready to go with a full stock of parts and equipment available to them. Our Campion Connect monitoring software is integrated into the Coolmore water system, giving Coolmore full visibility and control over their pumps and treatment system, online and via the mobile app. Connect issues alerts for early detection of potential issues and reminders to caretakers to read meters or complete reports and daily checks.

The Outcome

Coolmore has peace of mind knowing that with a clean and safe water supply they are providing a flawless environment for breeding and raising the highest quality thoroughbreds which go on to join their long list of champions.