Hydrovar is a motor mounted pump controller which can save between thirty and sixty percent on your energy costs. This unit is very simple to operate using clear english displays and can provide you with a constant pressure on your water supply. A Hydrovar can automatically control between one and eight pumps therefore no PLC or control panel is required. 

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Teknospeed are a range of low cost variable speed pump controllers up to 1.5kW. These drives are simple to use requiring only a screwdriver turn to set the required pressure.

Sewage Control Drive

The Smart Run is a patented variable speed drive from Flygt pumps. This drive is used to control the operation of your sewage or storm pumps providing energy savings by auto regulating the pump speed to match the best efficiency of your current pump.

DAB Actidrive

The DAB Actidrive is a water cooled variable speed drive which provides a low cost variable speed solution for your water boosting applications. The drive automatically protects the pump from loss of water and can be used to connect up to four pumps.

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Invertek Drive

Invertek drives come in all kW sizes and can be panel mounted or IP66 wall mounted. Invertek drives come with modbus communication and can be used to control borehole, sump or pressure boosting pumps.

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DAB E.sybox

Dab E.sybox is a simple to install out of the box solution to the provide your house with a constant pressure system. This one box contains a very quiet pump, a variable speed drive and an expansion vessel. The unit comes with LCD display and is easy to set up providing your house with a quiet constant pressure water supply.

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Efficient Pump Controllers

Campion Pumps provide a range of different variable speed drives from manufacturers such as Danfoss and ABB to suit customer applications or customers requirements.